Get active this autumn!

The night’s are creeping in, the days are getting shorter and the cold is beginning to bite.

Must be autumn!

And with Christmas just a few short months away it’s the best time of the year for children to let off some steam before Santa arrives on his sleigh.

So with Jack Frost ready to nibble and pumpkins on show everywhere, it’s time to think about what to do with your little ones during the last half-term before the festive season really kicks in.

Don’t despair of the weather, get out there and have fun. Here’s some tips for autumnal fun:

Embrace the cold!

Yes it’s a bit on the nippy side out there but it’s also the best time to explore. Forests and woods are full of exciting activities to do and it’s the best time of the year (and the only) to start your collection of conkers. So, wrap up, get the layers on and embrace the environment. It’s amazing what you will come across.

Take a long walk

Similar to the above tip, autumn is the best time of the year for long walks. It’s the best time to get into the countryside with all the colours on show, the perfect places to expand your learning and develop new skills. Youngsters brains are like a sponge at the moment so get out and take in all new experiences.

Prepare the pumpkins!

Halloween is on the horizon so it’s time to get creative in the kitchen. Pumpkins will be adorning households up and down the country over the coming week so make sure you get yours in early. You can buy them pretty much everywhere these days so fear not and every design seems to be in fashion. But make sure there is an adult present at all times as it’s dangerous work, and very, very messy!

Treat, don’t trick!

Halloween is great fun for little ones but make sure you stay safe at all times. Plan your trick or treat route and only stay local and stick to the people you know. Don’t go too far off the beaten track either and always make sure an adult is supervising at all times.

Fireworks fun!

Finally, probably the highlight of this final season of the year is Bonfire Night when millions of people enjoy the lighting up the night sky with an array of fancy fireworks and blazing bonfires. Wrap up and look to the skies for some amazing displays locally but once again, be careful and always make sure adults are present.

Have an awesome autumn!


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