Our youngsters are proving exercise is childs’ play!

These youngsters are bucking the trend of a national survey.

Whether it’s walking in the woods, playing football in fields or having fun on the beach, children at Ansdell Happy Days Nursery are getting more than the recommended exercise – and the staff are making sure of it!

Experts claim that 91 per cent of early years’ age-group are not active enough, prompting the government to suggest children get at least three hours of daily exercise. They claim children are no different to adults in terms of leading a healthy lifestyle.

And at Happy Days Childcare nurseries across the Fylde, the youngsters are being encouraged to breathe in the fresh seaside air and get out and explore with a variety of activities on offer. One of these activities is Forest Schools where the children can explore the outside away from the confines of the classroom.

Michelle Wood, childcare manager at Ansdell Happy Days, said: “Being active is a huge part of what we do. We hold football lessons on the field in all weathers, dance lessons, PE lessons in the school hall three times a week as well as visits to the park.

“Even if the children don’t turn up with the right clothing we can sort them out with all-weather suits and wellies so we can go out. We are definitely not in the 91 per cent!”

The research comes from the Health Survey for England which is carried out every few years to determine the state of the nation in terms of physical activities. Researchers at Loughborough University, which carried out the survey, claim being physically active at a young age is proven to support brain development, enhance bone health and muscular development as well as emotional wellbeing.

Michelle added: “We give our children huge opportunities for active play every day because we know how important it is to have an active lifestyle and an active brain.

“We have free flow during our sessions so the children have access to the outside whenever they want to go outside, supported by practitioners who understand the important learning that takes place outside.”

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