Swap Shop Success!

Out with the crisps and biscuits and in with the cucumber and carrot sticks!

Children at Norbreck Happy Days term time pre-school have been sticking to the resolutions made at the start of the year by ditching the sugary foods and embracing a healthier option.

The youngsters at Norbreck term time only Pre-school have made it their business to open their very own Swap Shop.

Instead of the usual sandwiches, crisps, biscuits and sweet treats, the pre-school children have been swapping their unhealthier snacks for something a little closer to nature. All they have to do is approach staff at lunchtime and swap their crisps for carrot sticks or whatever is on offer from the Swap Shop that day.

The parents have even got in on the act by packing their children’s lunch boxes with new & healthier options.
“The parents have been great, bringing in new recipes for others to try and encouraging their children to make healthier choices.”

The children are being given the choice to swap and can happily munch away on their snacks if they wish.

“It’s completely up to them,” says Hayley Price-Godfrey, childcare manager at Norbreck Happy Days term time Pre-school. “But the majority of the children are happy to swap their crisps for something a little healthier. In fact, since we launched the Swap Shop at the start of the year almost all the children have swapped one of their lunch treats for a healthier one.

Swap shop

“We have been handing out leaflets full of top tips for parents who might be unsure of what to give their children for lunches as we want to make sure all the youngsters get a balanced meal at lunchtime.”

As well as the Swap Shop, staff have also been teaching the children some simple recipes using fruit and fresh vegetables so they can try cooking them at home with their parents.

Happy Days Nurseries provide childcare for children aged three months to five years at a number of centres across the Fylde coast.

Hayley added: “The Swap Shop has been a huge success and we will be keeping it going until September when, we hope, the message about healthy eating will be part of the children’s lifestyle.”

And the children were also impressed with the idea. Ellias Evans, three, said: “Bananas are good for you, they give you muscles.” While three-year-old Theo Paraskeva added: “I had bread and a yoghurt and an orange. I like oranges because they are really good for our tummies.”

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