Youngsters going bananas to have their say!

Now the nation has decided, little Heidi Glancy has more important things on her mind.

Does she like bananas or not?

The three-year-old was using her democratic right to vote at Happy Days nursery in Ansdell as part of an activity to get children involved in the day-to-day running of the centre.

And while Heidi’s vote might not have the same impact as the millions of other people heading to have their say on whether or not the UK stays part of the European Union, it does let her have a say on what happens at Happy Days.

Staff at sites across the Fylde have all been having their say on a number of issues which affect them during their days, from voting to play outside to what kind of healthy treats they should be having on their break-times.

Michelle Wood, Childcare Manager at Ansdell Happy Days, said: “We like to involve the youngsters as much as possible in whatever activity they are taking part in and with the EU referendum happening it seemed appropriate we gave them a vote on something that means a lot to them.

“It’s about teaching the children about individual liberty and respect for someone else’s opinion in a fun environment – and whoever gets the most votes forms part of an activity or healthy eating treat.

“By giving the children a voice while they are here also teaches them the basic principles of democracy.”

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